I give figments life and a path to walk on
and I walk in their footsteps, recording their ways
weave their lives beneath my fingers and slowly they become real to me 
and through them I see the world in ways my body and mind could never on their own

I see the figments of others, and the paths they’ve made 
With my feet I follow their path 
and with my voice I speak their words                          
and in their lives I find ways to express not only them but myself 
Hoping feebly for the meaning beneath it all to show itself     
and for my performance to show to others what I feel so

I imagine what cannot be expressed in just word and action   
and through the scritch and scratch of pencil on paper I create that 
which has been imagined                                                    
that which I see and that which I feel           
and that which I cannot be expected to explain             
in any other way but letting my medium tell my story

I fight for those who have been condemned      
For body and skin and lineage, for things beyond their control   
I often find it’s what someone is rather than who someone is that is judged       
And it brings out a fury within me that I cannot keep in

But I can only control myself                                                                 
and he or she who says otherwise is a fool                                   
One can only do what I have done, express herself and her view and her passions    
and hope that out there someone is listening                                                                                     

And maybe that person will think for a moment
And realize something about themselves they wouldn’t have found before.

This is the product of an english assignment, and I really wanted to share it with you guys before I had to edit it to fit the project’s rubric

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